Web-based Map of Nightclub Spaces

An interactive map of nightclub spaces in London, UK that I created for a final-year geographic information science course, Research in Cartography. Created using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Mapbox.

Web-based Interactive Map of Rail Stations in Nordic Countries

A searchable map of rail stations in Norway, Sweden, and Finland that I created for a final-year geographic information science course, Research in Cartography. Created using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Mapbox.

Web-based Map of Latin American Population in the United States (2019)

An interactive map of the distribution of Latin American population in the United States in 2019. Created using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Mapbox for a final-year project looking at Migration between the US and Latin America.

ArcGIS Project: The Impact of a Rising Sea Level on Vancouver Communities (Results)

The results from a project looking at the impacts of a rising sea level due to climate change on communities in Vancouver. I made the maps in 2020 with ArcGIS for an advanced geographic information science course.

Exploring sea-ice thickness within the CCCMA CANESM5 model (Write-up)

The write-up from my 2021 Directed Studies project where I analyzed decreasing sea-ice thickness in Arctic Canada. I compared future and past projections from two different models within the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project. All figures included within are created with Python.

Exploring sea-ice thickness within the CCCMA CANESM5 model (Code Repository)

The github repository for the python code used for my 2021 Directed Studies Project.


Data Analyst | March 2023 - Present


I am currently working on a contract for Scottish Power Network Planning and Regulation as part of the Network Data Improvement Team. Using strong analytical and technical skills, I utilise advanced Excel functions and features to effectively summarise and visualise complex data sets. I independently generate and oversee team members’ weekly reports that provide essential business insights to stakeholders, ensuring accuracy and presenting information in a clear and concise manner. As part of the Data Team, I oversee and manage workstreams focused on updating Scottish Power’s electrical distribution network. Additionally, I have been responsible for training a newly onboarded staff member in data analysis procedures, Excel proficiency, and report generation.

MBChB Clinical Placements Administrator/Year 4 and 5 Administrator | April 2022 - March 2023

University of Glasgow

Worked as part of the Undergraduate Medical School team to provide effective and proactive administrative support for clinical placements in Phase 4 of the MBChB programme. Assisted in the coordination of clinical teaching at hospital sites, on-campus, and online. Worked with large spreadsheets and data sheets in Excel and worked to automate several processes. Transitioned to a new role in November 2022, becoming the point of contact for 600 Phase 4 medical students, academic staff, consultants, and hospital staff. Allocated students to hospital sites across Scotland.

Community Outreach Coordinator | June 2021 - August 2021

CJSW 90.9 FM (Radio Station in Calgary, AB)

Worked as a summer staff member soliciting existing and new businesses to be part of the CJSW Friends program. Emailed, called or visited 200+ local businesses and organizations to understand their desired sponsorship program. Ensured that CJSW enter the fall funding drive with a full roster of supporting businesses.

Atmospheric Science Undergraduate Student | September 2016 - May 2021

University of British Columbia

Completed the interdisciplinary four-year undergraduate program that focuses on the meteorological fields of air quality, environment, climate change, weather monitoring, and instrumentation. Obtained a strong foundation in physics, chemistry, math, and computing science.

Research Assistant for the Weather Forecast Research Team | May 2018 - October 2020

University of British Columbia

Worked on a variety of projects both collaboratively and autonomously such as creating a near real-time verification of wildfire smoke forecasts in British Columbia, developing prototype websites, creating course content, and running air pollution models. Used a variety of software including Python (pandas, Xarray), R, Git, HTML, CSS, Hugo, and markdown.

Teaching Assistant for an Applied Meteorology Course | September 2019 - December 2020

University of British Columbia

Marked final exams and student quizzes for ATSC 113 Applied Meteorology: Weather for Flying, Sailing & Snow Sports, responded to students’ emails in a timely manner and invigilated final exams both in person and online.


Experience with:

Python, HTML, MATLAB, SAP, Advanced in MS Excel (including PivotTables, VLOOKUP, and Power Query), R, and ArcGIS